Hand-printed Lino-cut Wolf Print Tote!  I carved this wolf by hand to create this one-of-a-kind Hannah Fairlight stamp.  I love wolves and everything they represent.  Their spirit is very similar to us humans - how they move as individuals but also maintain a very social and family-based lifestyle. 


All totes are extremely sturdy CANVAS material, good for light and heavy carrying, small grocery runs, carrying documents to the office (something we're all doing tons of these days, eh? 😂), notebooks, beach stuff, phones wallets make up art portfolios, cameras, sodas, kombuchas, beers, picnics, books, overnight items 😉, ANYTHING!  I love them and use them frequently myself and wind up giving them away and  making more!  Add one or two or 5 of these babies to your arsenal for plastic-free grocery runs in STYLE!  


I am HAPPY to print "U R NOT ALONE". OR " YOU ARE NOT ALONE WOLF" on the reverse side!  Please request!  I'm also happy to do double-sided wolf prints if that's your cup of tea!  I love customizing. Just ask!  I can also sign a bag or put a special message of your choice. 

Wolf Tote

Tote Color