This is such a sexy, soft bodysuit, with the powerful image of the wolf, HANDCUT and PRINTED by yours truly! I made this print with the intention of making powerful clothing with a secret message - YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  My affinity for the wolf spirit has carried me through joyful times and hard times, and this piece is the magenta affirmation that DREAMS COME TRUE with a little passion and connection!  You will want to wear this sexy bodysuit in all seasons, warm, cold, rain or shine because it FEELS GOOD.  Get it while it's hot! It is a ONE-OF-A-KIND item in my store, handmade just for you.  Hips and Heart brand bodysuit, Cotton, Polyester and Spandex. Super soft, machine-washable, and made with Speeball metallic silver and black screen printing ink! From a wolf I drew, carved onto a lino block, and printed with my own two hands. Ooooh!


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