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Hannah Fairlight Group Performs at 3rd and Lindsley after Hiatus

This has been a while. When you have a toddler in tow, time can fly. I loved this show for so many reasons. One - I left my phone (and good camera) at home by accident and couldn’t film the show as I’d anticipated. But I had to let go of the documentation aspect of the show and the marketing aspects, and just deliver. And also basically exorcise some demons and have a cathartic experience, which I did.

It was lovely to share the stage with AINSLEY, and her amazing band, who are respecrful, professional, and cool as cucumbers. I was floored she asked me on to play on this bill.

It’s been a challenge with two acts and a toddler, as I said, but there is very much more in store for you from Hannah Fairlight!

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